Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “SHE TRIES TO KILL HER DAUGHTER AND COMMIT SUICIDE (not yet available in English)”:Women subjected to unbearable stress have always killed their children and then themselves – it is a very ancient and primitive reaction. I myself when I was very exhausted every night before going to sleep I used to lock all the knives. We are not so civilized as we would like to think. Ask some psychiatrists how many women confess that they have the fear of hurting their children unintentionally. Stress is a real killer – especially when you get insomnia – and is the real wake-up call and should never be underestimated. Then I think that psychiatric drugs are very dangerous and according to people’s reactions can be dangerous and unpredictable, but there is no need for them to kill ……

Posted by Anonymous on FOOD AND HEALTH PIETRO Pietro Bisanti on May 16, 2013 19:59
RESPONSEHello Anonymous, 
and thank you for your testimony.
I repeat always in this blog that I certainly do not presume to say that all violent acts of this world are always associated with the use of drugs and / or psychotropic drugs. 
We are primates, and primates do not kill their children. Point. 
Let’s come to your words.
Throw away the lobotomized world, and see things for what they are. 
Killing your child is one thing. Being afraid to kill him is another. 
Millions of women are afraid to kill or unintentionally do harm to their children, yet they raise them without hurting them. 
What does this mean? It means that you kill, especially when you get to a state of unconsciousness. State of unconsciousness that, can not be denied, is caused, too many times, just by psychiatric drugs that are used to “cure” a depressive disorder obsessive-compulsive disorder. 
Pregnancy is a natural fact, not pathological. 
The only problem that may arise is the fact of depleting vital internal resources, which must be “replaced”. 
I will never stop screaming the motto “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. 
Example: a woman gives birth, with a great deal of physical and psychological energy. 
We add the stress of a crying baby and a consequent insomnia.
To this we add the lifestyle and the monstrous eating habits that most of us have, and the explosion is guaranteed. 
Why can not you understand that the human body is also made of flesh, blood, enzymes, hormones, and that the physical part can not and will never be left out? 
Treating postpartum depression with drugs is an attack on the integrity of a woman, who instead need  love, help and proper nutrition – a vegan nutrition, as raw as possible. 
Anyone who still thinks, in 2013, that food has nothing to do with psychiatric symptoms is either  blind or ignorant.
 I shudder to think that modern psychiatry, to prevent the killing of children by their mothers, use massive doses of antidepressants, when these drugs are the real cause of such acts of a violent nature. 
You say that “you locked all the knives before going to bed.” 
 Very often, those who are on anti-depressants, do not lock them at all. 
They think they feel good. And in the night-time they use them on their children.